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BrightPath has four core pillars that guide us to provide the very best in early learning and childcare.  

The BrightPath Curriculum was formed through in-depth and comprehensive research into early childhood learning and development.  It not only exceeds the provincial Early Learning Framework standards and the provincial Kindergarten Curriculum expectations, it sets your child up for success in life-long learning.  Our program is a blend of the Frog Street and Emergent curriculums.  The variety of this curriculum exposes children to different activities in all areas of learning and development.  All activities are hands-on and child-guided, because not every child is the same, and we all learn a little differently.

The Frog Street program is broken down into Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-Kindergarten.  The educational materials and intentional activities provided are development and age appropriate, and ensure that children are engaged in the sensory and creative play opportunities embedded into the daily program plans.  Everything from the songs, crafts, stories, and learning opportunities are tailored for the age group, and further tailored to the child's interests and strengths.

Active bodies and minds need nourishment.  At the conception of BrightPath, we knew we needed to incorporate healthy nutrition into our way of life.  As we considered our vision to raise the standard of early learning and childcare in Canada, we wanted to provide families with an alternative to the suboptimal unhealthy foods often provided to children.

From the beginning, we have worked with a Registered Dietitian to create a menu that would provide children with the foundation of good nutrition essential for learning, growth and development.  Since your child may be consuming over three-quarters of his or her meals and snacks under our care, we make sure to provide the variety and balance key to achieve required daily nutrients.  

Nutrition is essential to fuel optimal growth and development and for kids to reach their full potential.  Food choices during childhood also lay the foundation for lifelong eating habits into adolescence and adulthood.  

Research shows that your child's eating habits and nutritional status is linked to behaviour, academic performance and self-esteem.  Nutrition is connected to brain development and the ability to learn.

We understand how time-challenged parents are and in a parent's busy schedule, you may miss those precious moments when your child is at one of our Centres.  BrightPath understands that, and is proud to offer complimentary access to BrightPath Connect -an application designed to increase the interaction between the Centre and our families. 

BrightPath Connect enables teachers to connect real-time with children's parents through a mobile application and email messaging.  This further enhancement in communication will keep you up-to-date on your child's well-being, development and social interaction while at BrightPath.

Children have their own online journal with developmental milestones, periodic daily updates, progress reports, reminders and meals instantaneously.  Teachers are also able to capture these moments with photos and send to families.

This application ensures your privacy with a password login, so only you have access to the journal, and you decide whom to share it with.  Internet safety is important to us, and the application adheres to the highest standard of security to protect the information.

The staff who deliver our programs are not just caring for your child.  They are privileged to also be an educator.  BrightPath requires all staff in our centres to have their criminal background check and vulnerability screening.  Room teachers must also hold professional training in Early Childhood Education, and hold a valid Infant CPR and First Aid certificate.  

BrightPath employs a national team of full-time Educational Coaches dedicated to ensuring the curriculum is followed and at the highest standard.  Through nurturing guidance, our teachers inspire and encourage individuality in each and every BrightPath kid. 

We also provide continuous learning opportunities for staff with internal and external training support.